Training at Alpha-Imager is our way of sharing with students and professionals seeking career development, the skills and knowledge we have gained over 25 years of professional services rendered in Electronics Design Automation market place. We provide access to various technology be it electronics design, software design tools, electronics assembly & testing and so on. Our objective is to lead the way through the steps of project planning and development with attention to every detail. The programs cover overall development of the individual resulting in ability to communicate, present, practice and deliver highest standards of quality work using state of the art tools.

Live projects based on circuit design, simulation modelling, front-ends with database are offered for students and professionals to meet their academic and career requirements of education and skills development. This is part of our commitment to give back to the community.

Our team experts will be supervising with the core life cycles of design and development such as specification design, data flow diagram approval, zero assumption record, testing, documentation and implementation.

The analysis tools are available to test circuits for signal integrity, EMI & EMC analysis, thermal behaviour models, and reliability analysis to deliver functionally certified designs. Such in-depth skills training help professional to deliver high quality designs!

At Alpha-Imager, training is our way of ensuring the longevity of our business!


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