Cornerstones of our Designs


  1. Schematic Capture in EDWinXP, Orcad, CAD Star and Visula.
  2. Layout Design in EDWinXP, PCAD, Orcad, PADS, CAD Star, Cadence and Visula.
  3. Thermal / Reliablity / EMI-EMC Analysis
  4. Complex multilayer PCBs with split planes, SMT and PTH components.
  5. Single-sided / Double-sided / Multilayer / Thermal-bonded / Metal Core / Rigid Flex Designs.
  6. Fine line and BGA Designs
  7. Reverse Engineering
  8. Design for manufacturing is followed with in-house Quality checking
  9. PCBs designed to MIL/IPC/UL specifications
  10. Gerbin – Intelligent conversion of Gerber to PCB Data base for supported CAD -Tools.


EXPERIENCE: We specialise in supporting R&D efforts and our experience includes single-sided, double-sided and multilayer boards, through hole SMT, BGA, all related documentation including schematics, assembly and fabrication drawings. We also provide Gerber and Drill data files after the completion of the project.

CONVENIENCE: We communicate with our customers as per their convenience, predominantly electronically, without compromising on our timelines.

RELIABILITY: We use EDWinXP, OrCAD, PCAD, Visula, CADStar, Pads2000, Cadence as our primary board design tools. For ensuring the reliability of your end product we recommend creating a database using schematics. However, we accept a readable netlist as well.

MANUFACTURABILITY : We use Pentalogix CAM Products ViewMaster Plus and ViewMaster as our post-processing tool this allows us to upload the Gerber output and verify the integrity of the gerber to the design requirements. We can also panelise design to keep assembly costs lower, we will add all necessary V-scoring and fiducials to ensure that this meets with the assembly-house requirements.