We accept EDWinXP Design jobs

Our specially trained engineers are well-equipped to take on EDwinXP design jobs of varying complexities. We are constantly building our team of designers to meet the demand for high-quality PCB design. We have an array of international customers who have chosen Alpha-Imager as their partner for design jobs, especially for EDWinXP. Do get in touch[…]

EDF post

Rs. 10,000 Cr. Electronic Development Fund – a sign of hope

he Indian Govt. has recently announced the Rs. 10,000 crore Electronic Development Fund targeted at the semiconductor industry. It will provide risk capital to companies developing new technologies in electronics, nano-electronics and information technology. The Centre will contribute ₹2,200 crore, while the balance will be brought in by private entities. Canbank Venture Capital Fund, a[…]



We are eager to recruit fresh talent into our organisation. We are always willing to conduct walk-in interviews for those with a background in Electronics. We typically look for diploma-holders and Engineering graduates who aspire to be designers. All those who are interested may please mail their resumes to vittal@alphaimager.com or drop by our office[…]


Workshop in Shimoga

Alpha-Imager recently conducted a workshop for colleges in Shimoga, Karnataka. There was high attendance by both faculty and students belonging to the Electronics and Communication branch of Engineering. The workshop was conducted by our MD, M. Thiyagarajan and our team of Somashekar, Vinay and Tanveer.  Feedback from the participants was highly positive as this workshop[…]