Quality Policy

To be a technology solution provider in Electronics Design Automation Services and Products meeting Customers’ agreed requirements in Quality and Delivery through Continual Improvement in Quality Management System with the involvement of the employees.

ISO certificate

We are proudly an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Incorporated at each and every stage of the design process, our control on quality has ensured our PCBs work the FIRST TIME RIGHT. Our forte lies in our adherence to time schedules. To help our customers keep in pace with the fast-changing electronics technology, we also provide swift design upgrades.

Our overall quality management is oriented towards optimising for manufacturability, complete with panelisation & test coupons as per exacting MIL and IPC standards. This gives the customer complete confidence in the final product as it is built comprehensively right from design level.

Design and fabrication of PCBs for avionics, space and other mission critical applications is our speciality. Boards designed by Alpha-Imager have passed rigorous flight tests. Recognising us as their Creative Partner, leading research laboratories have engaged us in their development efforts.

Our commitment to standards and our concern for the customer has resulted in every customer being a promoter and ensuring word-of-mouth reference. This organisation, which we have built over the years, is the result of experienced application of in-depth knowledge and technical skills of the highest standard and quality.