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Nuline Technologies, an Alpha-Imager group company serves the Electronics manufacturing requirements with quality components. Nuline is a system house for electronics design & development from Concept-to-Product. Rich with experience in Hi-Tech Electronics Industry in India, Nuline Technologies specialises in PCB layout design, prototype development, component sourcing, assembly and testing. It markets various types of quality active and passive electronics components to meet the growth in Indian Electronics industry, in all spheres from Government organizations, defence establishments, large and small manufacturing units and multinational companies. With a large satisfied customer base, vast experience in this trade and good reputation for quality products and services, Nuline has created a trusted market for its products.

In today’s competitive environment, electronic system designers are facing challenges in developing new products at low cost with improved performance and at shorter development cycles. Our objective at Nuline Technologies is to support the Indian electronic industry by providing the right information at the right time. Nuline Technologies bridges the gap between the manufacturer and the system designer by identifying the right components and providing accurate technical specifications early in the design stage and monitoring the design activity very closely until the product development is complete.

Nuline brings the latest technology for our customers’ use. All manufacturing development is based on in-house R&D efforts and our complete surface-mount assembly and testing facility.

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Visionics India, a Joint Venture for Software Development between Alpha-Imager and Norlinvest of Sweden, has been set up in the scenic environs of Technopark in Thiruvanathapuram, India. It is a premier development facility for EDWin – Electronics Design for Windows – CAE-CAD-CAM software. With over 65,000 satisfied users worldwide, EDWin is making an impact in the industry for its performance and affordability. Alpha-Imager has taken advantage of its vast experience in designing complex layouts for critical applications and therefore, provides the necessary technology inputs to make EDWin a truly world-class design software.

The history of Visionics is that of continuous adaptation to the needs of a changing world. Visionics regularly introduces state-of-the-art PC-based EDA systems based on the latest technology available, be it hardware or software.

To create the best PC-based EDA systems in the world, and in dedication to achieve customer satisfaction, Visionics has established four policies, which are at the centre of company philosophy. They are as follows:

a) To have a continuous dialogue with our customers, helping us understand the changing needs of the world’s markets

b) Keep all knowledge and development in-house, thereby assuring both continuity and seamless integration of all the modules needed in an EDA system

c) To always be there when you need us, should you have any kind of problem

d) To give our customers the best possible price-to-performance ratio

Over the years, our continuous introduction of new EDA packages – CAD 1000, Comp CAD and the EE Designer series, to mention a few, has set the benchmark standards for others to follow, and has won us many international awards. Even more important to us, though, is that it has won us the trust and confidence of customers all over the world; this inspires us to always be on the leading edge of technology, and deliver the best possible solution in PC-based EDA.
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